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Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man [2003]

“All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.” Advertisements

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Alone in the Wilderness [2004]

“Too many men work on parts of things. Doing a job to completion satisfies me.”

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Jacknife [1989]

“Three buddies in Vietnam. Two survived. Only one is really alive.”

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Hubert Selby Jr: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow [2005]

“Being an artist doesn’t take much, just everything you got. Which means, of course, that as the process is giving you life, it is also bringing you closer to death.”

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Dillinger [1945]

“His story is written in bullets, blood and blondes!”

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Ghost Story [1981]

“Imagine her waiting for you all these years. Imagine her sleeping under ice and snow … waiting.”

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