Hubert Selby Jr: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow [2005]

“Being an artist doesn’t take much, just everything you got. Which means, of course, that as the process is giving you life, it is also bringing you closer to death.”

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Dillinger [1945]

“His story is written in bullets, blood and blondes!”

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Ghost Story [1981]

“Imagine her waiting for you all these years. Imagine her sleeping under ice and snow … waiting.”

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Seconds [1966]

“The years I’ve spent trying to get all the things I was told were important – that I was supposed to want! Things! Not people … or meaning. Just things.”

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The Ghost Train [1941]

“When the train come tearing and a roaring through the station, with its whiskers blowing and it haunted steam up …”

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Scarlet Street [1945]

“How can a man be so dumb … I’ve been waiting to laugh in your face ever since I met you. You’re old and ugly and I’m sick of you …”

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Stone Reader [2002]

“I can’t believe a guy could write a book this good and just disappear.”

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